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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Everybody...i'd like to announce (c) Common

1/26/09 2:37am

I keep fallin asleep listening to Eminem...and I wake up angry as fuck. Just be wanting to spaz on someone.

Me and Meel had a nice convo earlier...me and him and Hank are going to go in and create my next album. The Petition is still droppin one day (maybe when I'm signed ima name my first album that shit) but right now we are going n the lab and creating THE DEATH OF SWAG. Title is self-explainitory, but i'll explain it anyway. Basically I'm sick and tired of what i've dub "swag rap". Niggahs flossin a lil bit is cool er'now and again, but when u put ya lyrics on the back burner and focus more on making that music that "pops" ur wack to me. I understand u gotta make music to appel to audiences and what not, but when u basically are selling out just to make some bread u helping in destroying what's left of hip hop. Yes I am a strong advocate for the "hip hop is dead" argument. Plus I fucking HATE the word swag. Just rubs me the wrong way.

Eminem's song superman really might be one of my favorite tracks of all time. I'm running this shit back.

But I do kno one thing doe/bi***es they come they go/saturday thru sunday monday, monday thru sunday yo//maybe i'll love u one day/maybe we'll someday grow/till then just sit ya drunk ass on that fucking runway hoe//I CAN'T BE YOUR SUPERMANNNN.

Anyway, the way things look, its the IIL-CHILL EP. Then me and D-rellzThe Death Of Swag poject(s) and then its . With this Hank/Chill/Meel machine, I'm almost certain we can't fall anywhere short of a classic album. Its not like MY solo, its a 100% collaborative effort, meanin them niggahs gone be throwin ideas for the traks/skits/and format of the album. Shits gone be...u guessed it...DOPE.

1/27/09 11:18am

...its finally happening © Eddie Kane Jr.
ME. And LARRY are finally graduating from Millersville University. Its been six....YES SIX...long, tenuous, grueling, fun filled years but its time to bid good ole' MU farewell. Me and Larry sat down and completed our applications yesterday, now we just gotta get these signatures. Shit feels so good I can't front. Stay tuned for party announcements and all that shit. I'm thinking we gone have like a weeks worth of events the week following graduation. Filled with mad events. Just imagine all the activities we can get done. © Dale(frum stepbrothers).

Oh yea...the return of e.s.tv is like a week n a half away.

p.s LARRY IS A SLUT (sorry dog, had your back for a min....)

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