T.D.R.M.N (newest mixtape)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


download the mixtape there!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


3/29/09 9:14pm

The mixtape is done. Here it is. Go to http://www.mediafire.com/chillmoody Lol@me typing the whole thing. Anyway here's the story

Don't u kno how inside albums they have that part where the artist writes shit, like his thank u's or his thoughts? We'll this is mines, enjoy.

First the title...well, that don't really mean nothing. Mines well move on. That's to Hank, JB, iILmeel, Cturt, PL and everyone else who gave me production. A mitape with all original production, I think that's uber dope. Not a lot of people these days would do that, specially for free. Shouts to D-rellz, Boogie, Unk Smuck, dub, Christine Curtis, Trademark for showing love.

I really am proud of this project, like real shit I think this could be the one and I think anyone with ears would agree. On the mixtape there are some old tracks and some never before released old shit we originally recorded for "The Petition", that's why I say The Petiton on some songs, just wanted to clear that up. Up next is "The iIL-ChiLL Project" we might title it "The Death Of Swag" and then a special project me and Hank are working on. Shouts to the supporters, yawl know who yawl are. Please continue.

I really am trying make it with this rap shit and I think with a little more support yawl could make that dream a reality. The music is there, the passion is there, just need someone to crack the door then I'm coming thru. Please leave some feedback on the mixtape, lemme know ya favorite track, lease favorite track, all that shit. Shit leave it on my facebook honesty box if you dnt wanna see like ur a "groupie". That's it...wish I had like a flyy ass slogan to end this off wth....but I don't.



Friday, March 27, 2009

T.D.R.M.N announcement 2

3/24/09 7:46pm

Just got back to philly. Got a long week ahead of me. A whole lot of homework and I gotta put the finishing touches on my mixtape which drops monday MARCH 30TH. I'm hype bout that shit. Sent my girl Jubalee aka Christine Curtis aka myspace.com/ccurtismusic a track today, she's a beast. Wrote the hook and called n sung it on my voicemail in like 17mins time...sounds dope too. Hopfully I get the track done before monday so I can throw it on the mixtape...its called "all I needed" and its produced by my man iil-meel.

Speaking of meel, we bout to have a sitdown and figure out this iil-ChiLL project aka THE DEATH OF SWAG. I've bee writing like crazy to his tracks, he blessed me with sum crazy joints.

At my moms crib, raided her fridge, bout to make me a burger AND a elios pizza...put them jawns togeather...pizza burger, gone be good as shit.

Might not be news to yawl, but steakums makes burgers now n shit...they big as hell too. These meal bout to be crazzy

3/27/09 1:41pm

I gotta be quicker with my blogs. Nehoot, mixtape is 90% done, but this last 10% is what's gone send it over the top I promise yawl. Can't wait for yawl to hear it. I haven't heard back about the covers yet but i'd put the shit out coverless, its that Dope. Joints to look for that I'm fuckin wit is the jawn with christine curtis, the am I black enuff, people loving that heartbroke joint...and THE OUTRO!!! Man I could talk for six pages about the outro, the shit is amazing. Yawl will see.

If I get irie to come thru and do these vocals for this one track it will be the best song ever and yawl will have it on ya ringtones and all that other shit. I'm just hype right now.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

T.D.R.M.N announcement Plus sum insightful shit

3/19/09 1:32AM

Had a real good day today. Was driving my fathers truck like allll fuckin day, and the weather was nice as shit...so a lot of people was outside. And my pop got 24's on his truck (niggah shit)...I felt like rap money lol.

Me and Hank had a discussion this afternoon and decided that I should put out a mixtape. Now this mixtape is going to be a conglomerate of both my past mixtapes (Neighborhood Watch part one and two) along with some new tracks AND sum old never before released shit. Consider it like a "best of" cd, but its gone be like alll songs, no freestyles or what have you (sorry peoples, I won't be spitting over the JUMPING OUT THE WINDOW instrumental) lol. But all the old bangers (pillow talk, show em summn, what a women needs etc etc) will be on there along with some tracks that were for THE PETITION and some of the new tracks I put out on New Music Mondays(heartbroken, am I black enough, fuck chill) shit like that. So mark the date,

MONDAY, MARCH 30TH 2009 the mixtape will be

released for FREE DOWNLOAD....

Oh yeah, the mixtape is called: T.D.R.M.N.

Loving that title. Shits gone be uber dope.


That quote sparked a funny ass convo the other night. Like me and Hank both agreed that one of our goals in life is to be THE ARROW.

THE ARROW(N.)- The person who is on the other line when people on reality shows(i.e top model) are on the phone in like that phone room.

You know how on like allllll reality shows they have that phone room and they be on the phone and that arrow is pointint to the phone and under it, it says something like "eva's boyfriend" or something....WE WANNA BE THAT ARROW. Like I wish one of my friends would hurry up and do something with their life and get on a damn show so they can call me and it be like -------->"Chill Moody". Can't wait.


Up early as shit. My man dom just wrote on my facebook status(which had summn to do with me staying up cuz I had to wake up soon anyway)

Dom Bass at 04:52

yo why when niggas only goin get like 2 or 3 of sleep tha answer is stay up..

I thought that shit was funny as hell because we alllllllll do that shit. Like if we up partying or whatever up school we faithfully be like "shit I got an 8am class, its almost five...Imineswell (i might as well) stay up!" niggahs hate to feel like inferior, I think that's a complex we have...we feel like its the punk thing to do to just get them three hours in. Plus we know eight times outta ten we aint gone get the fuck up anyway.


Shoutout to my man P for this statement

Preston 'thekid' Lockwood at 08:48

ok sir lol it takes more muscles to smile than to frown my friend lol

(He mixed up smile and frown but yawl get the point) anyhoot

I HATE when people say that. I hate that shit for several reasons. One...HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW! Two, what does it even mean. Like it takes more muscle to lift up a million dollars than a pillow but I damn sure would lift that million dollars every time. Like who cares how much I'm exerting myself, if I'm pissed off I'm pissed off.


On my way to the ville. On the train and one of my friends just texted me sum random shit, pretty insightful. She says: “why is money such a major issue? I wish peoples knowledge was their wealth. I’d be a katrillionaire”.

Just sumthing for yawl to think about.


Monday, March 16, 2009


Three for the price of ONE (well none cuz it's free)

Im Sorry Momma (D-Rellz, Soop, Chill)

Mans World.mp3 - D-Rellz Featuring Chill and Soop

HeartBroken (Chill produced by Hank McCoy)

HeartBroken.mp3 - Chill produced by Hank McCoy

Coffee With Twan (Twan D. Produced by Hank McCoy)

Coffee With Twan.mp3 - Twan D.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Summn old, and summn new

3/5/09 12:44pm

YO I really think television game shows might be the fuck fake. I'm sittn here watching who wants to be a millionaire and this lady just won $50,000. She took the check, smiled, shook hands and walked away....WHAT THE FUCK! Like lets be real, that fifty gee's!!! You gotta be ready to backflip for money like that yo. Like the otherday was my birthday and I got a card with a couple bucks in it and almost fell the fuck outta my chair. I was hype as shit! Like other than the price is right (where people really be spazzing over "A NEW CARRRRR") the rest of this shit is fake. Jeopardy is my favorite show, but when them people walk away with like $10,000 and be sad I be wanting to snap. Peoples value of a dollar should be higher than ever now that the recessions here, yet they still be bitchin. O well, put me on the show watch what I do.

Anyhoot, yesterday MY BIRTHDAY was a nice relaxed day. The real celebration comes this weekend when I go see THE WHISPERS on this ski trip. I'm fuckin pumped. Gone get hammered drunk!

Me and my brother was laughin yesterday cuz I told him "I aint never been disrespected as much in my life as I have on my birthday". Its funny why I say this. For sum reason males can't say "happy birthday" to other males without it being homo. Iont kno why, but its tru. So yesterday I heard:

"happy birthday dickhead" - d-v(my nephew)
"happy b-Dizzle you Bizzle" -
T-Moody (my brother)
"happy birthday bitch" - Tee
"happy birthday pussy
boy" - I forgot which one of my mans said this but it was funny.

Its just crazy that nobody can just say happy birthday...shit I can't even say that shit, its gotta be "happy birthday my niggah"...u gotta man that shit up lol.


Yo I love my family. Like real shit I got the best family in the milky way galaxy...nobody can't compete. Cousins weekend n shit like that be poppin


Damn a whole like 8 days later I finish this blog up. I'm slacking.

Anyway a lot is poppin with this rap shit. More random people are listening and they are really liking what they are hearing. I'm loving it. A lot of people is tossing me beats, asking me to get on tracks, shit like that. I'm sposed to be going up to the ville today so we a see how that works out.

Took me like forever to post this shit. So I'm done.

Shoutout to Jas aka Katy Perry, My brother Sacoor, and YOU....thanx for reading n stayin updated....tell-a-friend to Tell-a-Friend.


Thursday, March 12, 2009


i ALWAYS loved this song yo.

Monday, March 9, 2009


The Underdog.mp3 - Chill produced by iiL-Meel


i am it.mp3 - Chill






Wednesday, March 4, 2009


3/3/09 6:34

Yo. I will die for this rap shit yo. Lol sike naw but today hip-hop almost took my life, real shit. Peep the story. I'm on the way to the studio n shit. Can't get a ride cuz nobody answerin they fone, boogie at work, rell shit snowed in, tee at work...yeah you guessed it by now, I don't have a car. Anyway I decided to hop on the el(thats the train in philly for those who don't know)...if your from philly you know that anytime u get on septa something memorable is going to happen, and today didn't dissapoint. Anyway, I'm walking up the steps to the train, got my ipod on, zoned out offa that SO FAR GONE, and a fucking yellow slippery when wet sign comes flying my way...like the shit almost hits me. So I'm right up the steps wit it ready to fuck somebody up...wait lemme pause the story and speak on that last comment.

I'm a buck forty six fresh out the shower n shit. Aint a violent person. The motto "too light to fight too thin to win" comes to mind. BUT upon being provoked I'm known to fuck shit up that's no bullshit. So when I say I was going to fuck summn up I'm serious...being a lil nigga wit a lot of mouth u learn how to fight quick. (shouts to my big bro for puttin them tube socks on my hands when we aint have no boxing gloves and showing me how to fite) but I digress

I come up the steps and all I hear is "I'm going the fuck back to africa. Fuck u.s.a" now its obvious that this angry mothafucka is the one who almost hit me wit the mop sign. Lemme describe him: bout 5'6" 67yrs old, billie d williams slick back wit a george jefferson hair line, he got a louie rag on, smells like...like...like if the dictionary was scratch n sniff and u turned to the page that said FUNKY and scracthed it, he black as shit, and he got this big ass branch in his hand. Not a stick, a mothafuckin branch. Needless to say I forgot all about that minor mop sign incident and tried to get past him. But any true septa rider, no matter the age, knows that its no getting away from crazy. To make a long story medium length(no homo) I continued to try to avoid oldhead and he cussed out EVERYONE on the el platform. I swore this niggah was gone just start throwing people over. Funny shit.


IT'S MY BIRTHDAY. I'm digging the love offa the facebook and my text n shit. I don't answer the fone on my birthday because I like to get those nice bday voicemails and sit n listen to them at the end of the day(iont ever get no gifts so I do that) its kinda lame...but who cares

Anyway last night I recorded some of the best music i've ever laid down. I'm really excited about this new shit and am anxious to relase it. So I will be putting out a track called "am I blakk enuff?" a lil later today or maybe ima put it out now. Shit is really a bangin ass song. JB on the beat, and it features d-rellz...shits dope. I also go a joint called far away with rell, that FUCK CHILL! Is definatly a hit....and I gotta secret song in the tuck that wil be out very very very soon....that one is amazing.

Anyhoot, I'm out. Happy CHILLOWEEN to you all.

below is my newest joint called AM I BLACK ENUFF featuring D-Rellz and its produced by my man JB...lemme kno what yawl think

Black Enuff.mp3 - Chill featuring D-Rellz produced by JB

Monday, March 2, 2009


aite so ima start new music monday off with a bang.

F#%K CHILL! - Chill

thats not the final version, but it might be....

Monday, February 23, 2009

Lab Sessions and A topic with Banks

2/21/09 10:34am

WOW! I JUST WOKE UP FROM THE DOPEST DREAM! I am now in the works of creating my own show. It will be the shit. Like honestly I think I jut came up with one of the dopest ideas known to mankind and I really really really want to tell yawl, but I have a history of people stealing my fucking ideas, so ima keep this one to myself. If you reaaaaaallllly wanna know hit me up personally and I will tell u. Just know its dope, it aint no like bullshit reality show, and it aint just me with a camera talkin shit...its gone be the best.

Anyhoot, me and boogie was chilln, rhyming and shit last nite. That niggah brings out like the best in me as a lyricist. Like rhyming with him and drellz really pushes me to be dope, and I spit sum of my best shit with them. Prolly because subconsciously I think they both hotter than me, so I try to one-up them. But me and boogie was freestyling all crazy last nite, shit was fun.

Just got back n the crib(well not to long ago) from the studio. Yo real shit, I'm be signed like very very soon. Got a pretty strong machine behind me right now, the focus is there...a lot of things, not everything, but a lot of things are falling into place. WAIT TILL YAWL SEE THE FOOTGAGE! Man. Like u can tell I aint never recorded in no real ass studio cuz it wasn't like I was at baseline or anything, but yo this shit was dope. Linked with my man MEEL for this trip, blessed a couple tracks, filmed a couple vids...shit was fun. Can't wait to get back in and get these things finished. This iIL-CHiLL project is going to be the fuck amazing.

Shout out to my sista too, definatly bout to get sum things poppin.

Pissed off I didn't get to this show I had earlier...had no ride, and even if I had one didn't get my cubase disk back in time to make my showmixes...this niggah dub really drew on this one. He was really sposed to come thru this time and he played me. Anyway, can't wait to get back n the booth...bout to play the ville for a week then its spring break.


Its 2:35 AM!! And I'm on the way to d-rellz crib. Bout to go write sum rhymes, eat sum food hopfully, and write some more rhymes....footage coming soon.

2/23/09 5:47pm

Fresh offa facebook, my man M.Banks aka Ed Reed posted a status that I figured I would chime in on. The exact status reads:

Marcus got 2 questions this time...1. Y do ppl lie about their numbers(body count)??? 2. Is that a question that you just shouldn't ask ya boyfriend/girlfriend???

Aite so its a lot I have to say about this...well not a lot, but enuff. I think females lie for the obvuious reasons, they don't want us as men to look at them as whores or permiscuous individuals(im sure I spelled at least one of those words wrong). Guys lie for dumb ass reasons. They think they look cooler if their numbers are higher. I aint gone front I have been around and the nigga with the lowest count in whatever situation has gotten clowned, but that's just how niggahs are. The funny thing is when a girl ask a guy he all of a sudden is worried bout being a whore so he lies. We are all victim to societies double stadard. The real question should be "have you ever contracted any sexually transmitted diseases?"(u eva got nethang?). Because it don't matter if u fucked 6 or 60 people, if u got summn u got summn and that's what should be the basis of the question. Now if u just asking to be nosey, that's another issue.

Anyway, on the way to the ville for a week, then spring break, then my birthday, then the ski trip. Writing/record all in the middle of that, and new episodes coming soon I promise.

Thursday, February 19, 2009



shoutout to my yung bul sunny for putting me back on to this jawn. used to be my shit!

These Are Just My Thought (c) Chill

2/17/09 7:03pm

So last week (frum like thursday till sunday) I had like the best five days and the worst five days all in one.... Chilled wit my niggahs had a good ass time, but got real drunk and said a lot of things to a lot of people I had no bizness sayin. Not only that but I broke my camera. My cell fone and quite possibly destroyed a VERY VERY important friendship. Shit ment a lot to me. Anyway I say all that to say this...its possible that I really should learn to drink in moderation. Like I go hard with the drinking shit...talkin like twenty shots prolly total in a nite (maybe a lil less...but maybe not)...beer after beer after beer...aftr beer. Mixed drinks...just too much. So frum now on...I'm offically cutting back.

Yo I LOVE all old Eddie Murphy movies...like ALL of them. Beverly hills cop 1 2 and 3...the golden child, trading places, coming to america, boomerang...like all them jawns. I could sit n watch em all day real shit.

Took my senior pictures today. Finally getting the fuck outta the ville. I'm gone miss the shit outta college no lie, but six years was way more than enough. All good things come to an end I guess.

2/18/09 4:10pm

Yo u ever wanna do sum sleeping beauty type shit? Like u ever been wit a chick (or a guy if ur a girl reading this) and they sleep or whatever but u really wanna just kiss them(not on no random jawn creepy shit either). I know I'm not the type that likes to be woke up period, but I don't think a chick would mind being woke up wit like a nice lil kiss or summn like that. Then again if they snap like WHAT THE FUCK IS YOU DOING CHILL! I mite be forced to smother the shit outta them with the pillow they was just sleep on for yelling at me.

Sidebar this niggah HANK funny as shit for this inclass text convo we having. Its sum guy in his class that's having a SwagOverDose and the way hank is explaining it is funny as hell.

Anyhoot, I think the inverse for a guy would be waking up to sum sex. That would the shit. Like u knocked the fuck out and sum chick just wake u up for sex. That sounds dope(or maybe that's just me)...just a thought. (please don't ask where this shit came frum. Extremely random.)


My man Pov on 106 n park tonite...wild out wednesday. This the third one of my friends that been on this show(even doe two of them was on there togeather)...hope this niggah win. I known this niggah since like we was like 8 or sum shit. Wild thing is I never heard bul sing. Anyway, his stage name is Voice. Check him out on like myspace or summn. If this niggah lose doe ima call him and clown. sike naw, ima vote maaad times doe

I need to get in the fuckin booth yo. This shit is drawling. My new/unreleased song count has came up to like 70 real shit. I think ima do like a whole month of tracks sorta like freeway n young chris did. Only thing is I wanna make some money so I rather put out mixtapes and sell them jawns. But fuck it, depending on if I get into the studio this week,

March I will be putting out a new song every day. Ima call the shit like March Madness ESTyle

(EST STYLE). Hank prolly a be on a lot of the beats, along with JB, Meel, CTurt. Ima prolly do a couple features wit niggahs like dub. Drellz. And a_boogie. Maybe will touch a couple of industry beats too (i definatly wanna go offa that brooklyn girls beat and that kid cudi day and nite jawn)


Another nite at the ville. I would love a ride home, and a damn cell fone. Tired of this shit being broke. People starting to get mad at me for not calling/answering. Aite this blog wuz long, I'm out


I leave yawl with this (video just dropped today)

I think ima do a remix jawn with his verse and Jim Jones Verse

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