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Monday, February 23, 2009

Lab Sessions and A topic with Banks

2/21/09 10:34am

WOW! I JUST WOKE UP FROM THE DOPEST DREAM! I am now in the works of creating my own show. It will be the shit. Like honestly I think I jut came up with one of the dopest ideas known to mankind and I really really really want to tell yawl, but I have a history of people stealing my fucking ideas, so ima keep this one to myself. If you reaaaaaallllly wanna know hit me up personally and I will tell u. Just know its dope, it aint no like bullshit reality show, and it aint just me with a camera talkin shit...its gone be the best.

Anyhoot, me and boogie was chilln, rhyming and shit last nite. That niggah brings out like the best in me as a lyricist. Like rhyming with him and drellz really pushes me to be dope, and I spit sum of my best shit with them. Prolly because subconsciously I think they both hotter than me, so I try to one-up them. But me and boogie was freestyling all crazy last nite, shit was fun.

Just got back n the crib(well not to long ago) from the studio. Yo real shit, I'm be signed like very very soon. Got a pretty strong machine behind me right now, the focus is there...a lot of things, not everything, but a lot of things are falling into place. WAIT TILL YAWL SEE THE FOOTGAGE! Man. Like u can tell I aint never recorded in no real ass studio cuz it wasn't like I was at baseline or anything, but yo this shit was dope. Linked with my man MEEL for this trip, blessed a couple tracks, filmed a couple vids...shit was fun. Can't wait to get back in and get these things finished. This iIL-CHiLL project is going to be the fuck amazing.

Shout out to my sista too, definatly bout to get sum things poppin.

Pissed off I didn't get to this show I had earlier...had no ride, and even if I had one didn't get my cubase disk back in time to make my showmixes...this niggah dub really drew on this one. He was really sposed to come thru this time and he played me. Anyway, can't wait to get back n the booth...bout to play the ville for a week then its spring break.


Its 2:35 AM!! And I'm on the way to d-rellz crib. Bout to go write sum rhymes, eat sum food hopfully, and write some more rhymes....footage coming soon.

2/23/09 5:47pm

Fresh offa facebook, my man M.Banks aka Ed Reed posted a status that I figured I would chime in on. The exact status reads:

Marcus got 2 questions this time...1. Y do ppl lie about their numbers(body count)??? 2. Is that a question that you just shouldn't ask ya boyfriend/girlfriend???

Aite so its a lot I have to say about this...well not a lot, but enuff. I think females lie for the obvuious reasons, they don't want us as men to look at them as whores or permiscuous individuals(im sure I spelled at least one of those words wrong). Guys lie for dumb ass reasons. They think they look cooler if their numbers are higher. I aint gone front I have been around and the nigga with the lowest count in whatever situation has gotten clowned, but that's just how niggahs are. The funny thing is when a girl ask a guy he all of a sudden is worried bout being a whore so he lies. We are all victim to societies double stadard. The real question should be "have you ever contracted any sexually transmitted diseases?"(u eva got nethang?). Because it don't matter if u fucked 6 or 60 people, if u got summn u got summn and that's what should be the basis of the question. Now if u just asking to be nosey, that's another issue.

Anyway, on the way to the ville for a week, then spring break, then my birthday, then the ski trip. Writing/record all in the middle of that, and new episodes coming soon I promise.

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