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Thursday, February 19, 2009

These Are Just My Thought (c) Chill

2/17/09 7:03pm

So last week (frum like thursday till sunday) I had like the best five days and the worst five days all in one.... Chilled wit my niggahs had a good ass time, but got real drunk and said a lot of things to a lot of people I had no bizness sayin. Not only that but I broke my camera. My cell fone and quite possibly destroyed a VERY VERY important friendship. Shit ment a lot to me. Anyway I say all that to say this...its possible that I really should learn to drink in moderation. Like I go hard with the drinking shit...talkin like twenty shots prolly total in a nite (maybe a lil less...but maybe not)...beer after beer after beer...aftr beer. Mixed drinks...just too much. So frum now on...I'm offically cutting back.

Yo I LOVE all old Eddie Murphy movies...like ALL of them. Beverly hills cop 1 2 and 3...the golden child, trading places, coming to america, boomerang...like all them jawns. I could sit n watch em all day real shit.

Took my senior pictures today. Finally getting the fuck outta the ville. I'm gone miss the shit outta college no lie, but six years was way more than enough. All good things come to an end I guess.

2/18/09 4:10pm

Yo u ever wanna do sum sleeping beauty type shit? Like u ever been wit a chick (or a guy if ur a girl reading this) and they sleep or whatever but u really wanna just kiss them(not on no random jawn creepy shit either). I know I'm not the type that likes to be woke up period, but I don't think a chick would mind being woke up wit like a nice lil kiss or summn like that. Then again if they snap like WHAT THE FUCK IS YOU DOING CHILL! I mite be forced to smother the shit outta them with the pillow they was just sleep on for yelling at me.

Sidebar this niggah HANK funny as shit for this inclass text convo we having. Its sum guy in his class that's having a SwagOverDose and the way hank is explaining it is funny as hell.

Anyhoot, I think the inverse for a guy would be waking up to sum sex. That would the shit. Like u knocked the fuck out and sum chick just wake u up for sex. That sounds dope(or maybe that's just me)...just a thought. (please don't ask where this shit came frum. Extremely random.)


My man Pov on 106 n park tonite...wild out wednesday. This the third one of my friends that been on this show(even doe two of them was on there togeather)...hope this niggah win. I known this niggah since like we was like 8 or sum shit. Wild thing is I never heard bul sing. Anyway, his stage name is Voice. Check him out on like myspace or summn. If this niggah lose doe ima call him and clown. sike naw, ima vote maaad times doe

I need to get in the fuckin booth yo. This shit is drawling. My new/unreleased song count has came up to like 70 real shit. I think ima do like a whole month of tracks sorta like freeway n young chris did. Only thing is I wanna make some money so I rather put out mixtapes and sell them jawns. But fuck it, depending on if I get into the studio this week,

March I will be putting out a new song every day. Ima call the shit like March Madness ESTyle

(EST STYLE). Hank prolly a be on a lot of the beats, along with JB, Meel, CTurt. Ima prolly do a couple features wit niggahs like dub. Drellz. And a_boogie. Maybe will touch a couple of industry beats too (i definatly wanna go offa that brooklyn girls beat and that kid cudi day and nite jawn)


Another nite at the ville. I would love a ride home, and a damn cell fone. Tired of this shit being broke. People starting to get mad at me for not calling/answering. Aite this blog wuz long, I'm out


I leave yawl with this (video just dropped today)

I think ima do a remix jawn with his verse and Jim Jones Verse

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