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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Summn old, and summn new

3/5/09 12:44pm

YO I really think television game shows might be the fuck fake. I'm sittn here watching who wants to be a millionaire and this lady just won $50,000. She took the check, smiled, shook hands and walked away....WHAT THE FUCK! Like lets be real, that fifty gee's!!! You gotta be ready to backflip for money like that yo. Like the otherday was my birthday and I got a card with a couple bucks in it and almost fell the fuck outta my chair. I was hype as shit! Like other than the price is right (where people really be spazzing over "A NEW CARRRRR") the rest of this shit is fake. Jeopardy is my favorite show, but when them people walk away with like $10,000 and be sad I be wanting to snap. Peoples value of a dollar should be higher than ever now that the recessions here, yet they still be bitchin. O well, put me on the show watch what I do.

Anyhoot, yesterday MY BIRTHDAY was a nice relaxed day. The real celebration comes this weekend when I go see THE WHISPERS on this ski trip. I'm fuckin pumped. Gone get hammered drunk!

Me and my brother was laughin yesterday cuz I told him "I aint never been disrespected as much in my life as I have on my birthday". Its funny why I say this. For sum reason males can't say "happy birthday" to other males without it being homo. Iont kno why, but its tru. So yesterday I heard:

"happy birthday dickhead" - d-v(my nephew)
"happy b-Dizzle you Bizzle" -
T-Moody (my brother)
"happy birthday bitch" - Tee
"happy birthday pussy
boy" - I forgot which one of my mans said this but it was funny.

Its just crazy that nobody can just say happy birthday...shit I can't even say that shit, its gotta be "happy birthday my niggah"...u gotta man that shit up lol.


Yo I love my family. Like real shit I got the best family in the milky way galaxy...nobody can't compete. Cousins weekend n shit like that be poppin


Damn a whole like 8 days later I finish this blog up. I'm slacking.

Anyway a lot is poppin with this rap shit. More random people are listening and they are really liking what they are hearing. I'm loving it. A lot of people is tossing me beats, asking me to get on tracks, shit like that. I'm sposed to be going up to the ville today so we a see how that works out.

Took me like forever to post this shit. So I'm done.

Shoutout to Jas aka Katy Perry, My brother Sacoor, and YOU....thanx for reading n stayin updated....tell-a-friend to Tell-a-Friend.


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