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Friday, March 27, 2009

T.D.R.M.N announcement 2

3/24/09 7:46pm

Just got back to philly. Got a long week ahead of me. A whole lot of homework and I gotta put the finishing touches on my mixtape which drops monday MARCH 30TH. I'm hype bout that shit. Sent my girl Jubalee aka Christine Curtis aka myspace.com/ccurtismusic a track today, she's a beast. Wrote the hook and called n sung it on my voicemail in like 17mins time...sounds dope too. Hopfully I get the track done before monday so I can throw it on the mixtape...its called "all I needed" and its produced by my man iil-meel.

Speaking of meel, we bout to have a sitdown and figure out this iil-ChiLL project aka THE DEATH OF SWAG. I've bee writing like crazy to his tracks, he blessed me with sum crazy joints.

At my moms crib, raided her fridge, bout to make me a burger AND a elios pizza...put them jawns togeather...pizza burger, gone be good as shit.

Might not be news to yawl, but steakums makes burgers now n shit...they big as hell too. These meal bout to be crazzy

3/27/09 1:41pm

I gotta be quicker with my blogs. Nehoot, mixtape is 90% done, but this last 10% is what's gone send it over the top I promise yawl. Can't wait for yawl to hear it. I haven't heard back about the covers yet but i'd put the shit out coverless, its that Dope. Joints to look for that I'm fuckin wit is the jawn with christine curtis, the am I black enuff, people loving that heartbroke joint...and THE OUTRO!!! Man I could talk for six pages about the outro, the shit is amazing. Yawl will see.

If I get irie to come thru and do these vocals for this one track it will be the best song ever and yawl will have it on ya ringtones and all that other shit. I'm just hype right now.


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