T.D.R.M.N (newest mixtape)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

T.D.R.M.N announcement Plus sum insightful shit

3/19/09 1:32AM

Had a real good day today. Was driving my fathers truck like allll fuckin day, and the weather was nice as shit...so a lot of people was outside. And my pop got 24's on his truck (niggah shit)...I felt like rap money lol.

Me and Hank had a discussion this afternoon and decided that I should put out a mixtape. Now this mixtape is going to be a conglomerate of both my past mixtapes (Neighborhood Watch part one and two) along with some new tracks AND sum old never before released shit. Consider it like a "best of" cd, but its gone be like alll songs, no freestyles or what have you (sorry peoples, I won't be spitting over the JUMPING OUT THE WINDOW instrumental) lol. But all the old bangers (pillow talk, show em summn, what a women needs etc etc) will be on there along with some tracks that were for THE PETITION and some of the new tracks I put out on New Music Mondays(heartbroken, am I black enough, fuck chill) shit like that. So mark the date,

MONDAY, MARCH 30TH 2009 the mixtape will be

released for FREE DOWNLOAD....

Oh yeah, the mixtape is called: T.D.R.M.N.

Loving that title. Shits gone be uber dope.


That quote sparked a funny ass convo the other night. Like me and Hank both agreed that one of our goals in life is to be THE ARROW.

THE ARROW(N.)- The person who is on the other line when people on reality shows(i.e top model) are on the phone in like that phone room.

You know how on like allllll reality shows they have that phone room and they be on the phone and that arrow is pointint to the phone and under it, it says something like "eva's boyfriend" or something....WE WANNA BE THAT ARROW. Like I wish one of my friends would hurry up and do something with their life and get on a damn show so they can call me and it be like -------->"Chill Moody". Can't wait.


Up early as shit. My man dom just wrote on my facebook status(which had summn to do with me staying up cuz I had to wake up soon anyway)

Dom Bass at 04:52

yo why when niggas only goin get like 2 or 3 of sleep tha answer is stay up..

I thought that shit was funny as hell because we alllllllll do that shit. Like if we up partying or whatever up school we faithfully be like "shit I got an 8am class, its almost five...Imineswell (i might as well) stay up!" niggahs hate to feel like inferior, I think that's a complex we have...we feel like its the punk thing to do to just get them three hours in. Plus we know eight times outta ten we aint gone get the fuck up anyway.


Shoutout to my man P for this statement

Preston 'thekid' Lockwood at 08:48

ok sir lol it takes more muscles to smile than to frown my friend lol

(He mixed up smile and frown but yawl get the point) anyhoot

I HATE when people say that. I hate that shit for several reasons. One...HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW! Two, what does it even mean. Like it takes more muscle to lift up a million dollars than a pillow but I damn sure would lift that million dollars every time. Like who cares how much I'm exerting myself, if I'm pissed off I'm pissed off.


On my way to the ville. On the train and one of my friends just texted me sum random shit, pretty insightful. She says: “why is money such a major issue? I wish peoples knowledge was their wealth. I’d be a katrillionaire”.

Just sumthing for yawl to think about.


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