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Sunday, March 29, 2009


3/29/09 9:14pm

The mixtape is done. Here it is. Go to http://www.mediafire.com/chillmoody Lol@me typing the whole thing. Anyway here's the story

Don't u kno how inside albums they have that part where the artist writes shit, like his thank u's or his thoughts? We'll this is mines, enjoy.

First the title...well, that don't really mean nothing. Mines well move on. That's to Hank, JB, iILmeel, Cturt, PL and everyone else who gave me production. A mitape with all original production, I think that's uber dope. Not a lot of people these days would do that, specially for free. Shouts to D-rellz, Boogie, Unk Smuck, dub, Christine Curtis, Trademark for showing love.

I really am proud of this project, like real shit I think this could be the one and I think anyone with ears would agree. On the mixtape there are some old tracks and some never before released old shit we originally recorded for "The Petition", that's why I say The Petiton on some songs, just wanted to clear that up. Up next is "The iIL-ChiLL Project" we might title it "The Death Of Swag" and then a special project me and Hank are working on. Shouts to the supporters, yawl know who yawl are. Please continue.

I really am trying make it with this rap shit and I think with a little more support yawl could make that dream a reality. The music is there, the passion is there, just need someone to crack the door then I'm coming thru. Please leave some feedback on the mixtape, lemme know ya favorite track, lease favorite track, all that shit. Shit leave it on my facebook honesty box if you dnt wanna see like ur a "groupie". That's it...wish I had like a flyy ass slogan to end this off wth....but I don't.



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