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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


3/3/09 6:34

Yo. I will die for this rap shit yo. Lol sike naw but today hip-hop almost took my life, real shit. Peep the story. I'm on the way to the studio n shit. Can't get a ride cuz nobody answerin they fone, boogie at work, rell shit snowed in, tee at work...yeah you guessed it by now, I don't have a car. Anyway I decided to hop on the el(thats the train in philly for those who don't know)...if your from philly you know that anytime u get on septa something memorable is going to happen, and today didn't dissapoint. Anyway, I'm walking up the steps to the train, got my ipod on, zoned out offa that SO FAR GONE, and a fucking yellow slippery when wet sign comes flying my way...like the shit almost hits me. So I'm right up the steps wit it ready to fuck somebody up...wait lemme pause the story and speak on that last comment.

I'm a buck forty six fresh out the shower n shit. Aint a violent person. The motto "too light to fight too thin to win" comes to mind. BUT upon being provoked I'm known to fuck shit up that's no bullshit. So when I say I was going to fuck summn up I'm serious...being a lil nigga wit a lot of mouth u learn how to fight quick. (shouts to my big bro for puttin them tube socks on my hands when we aint have no boxing gloves and showing me how to fite) but I digress

I come up the steps and all I hear is "I'm going the fuck back to africa. Fuck u.s.a" now its obvious that this angry mothafucka is the one who almost hit me wit the mop sign. Lemme describe him: bout 5'6" 67yrs old, billie d williams slick back wit a george jefferson hair line, he got a louie rag on, smells like...like...like if the dictionary was scratch n sniff and u turned to the page that said FUNKY and scracthed it, he black as shit, and he got this big ass branch in his hand. Not a stick, a mothafuckin branch. Needless to say I forgot all about that minor mop sign incident and tried to get past him. But any true septa rider, no matter the age, knows that its no getting away from crazy. To make a long story medium length(no homo) I continued to try to avoid oldhead and he cussed out EVERYONE on the el platform. I swore this niggah was gone just start throwing people over. Funny shit.


IT'S MY BIRTHDAY. I'm digging the love offa the facebook and my text n shit. I don't answer the fone on my birthday because I like to get those nice bday voicemails and sit n listen to them at the end of the day(iont ever get no gifts so I do that) its kinda lame...but who cares

Anyway last night I recorded some of the best music i've ever laid down. I'm really excited about this new shit and am anxious to relase it. So I will be putting out a track called "am I blakk enuff?" a lil later today or maybe ima put it out now. Shit is really a bangin ass song. JB on the beat, and it features d-rellz...shits dope. I also go a joint called far away with rell, that FUCK CHILL! Is definatly a hit....and I gotta secret song in the tuck that wil be out very very very soon....that one is amazing.

Anyhoot, I'm out. Happy CHILLOWEEN to you all.

below is my newest joint called AM I BLACK ENUFF featuring D-Rellz and its produced by my man JB...lemme kno what yawl think

Black Enuff.mp3 - Chill featuring D-Rellz produced by JB

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