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Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Tracks, and Saturday Morning Cartoons

1/23/09 10:53pm
YO. I had something n my tooth allllllllll fucking day. Its pissin me off cuz I can't get the shit out. And its wack cuz its in one of my top teeth, which are like humanly impossible to reach inside on ur own(specially when its the back one)...I think its like a piece of popcorn. This shit is annoying and I fuckin tried everything and now my gums are bleeding frum this tooth pic I jammed them with by an accident....moral of the story TOOTH PICKS ARE THE FUCK DANGEROUS!

I'm writing this song called "am I black enough for ya"...shouts to JB on the beat, this shits uber dope. The concept of the song is like I took the three verses...and one verse I spit like all the hood shit/ghetto shit black people do. Not in a negative way but like just celebrating the culture. Kool aide, ole e, only fillin up the gas tank half way cuz u on the way to jersey and u kno the gas cheaper over there...shit like that.

The second verse I talked about kinda the same shit, but focused on some of the negitve shit niggahs do. Like stand on the corner all day wit no money to eat but will definatly want n the store to buy a dutch if they mans tryn roll up n shit. Its not all black people that do the shit like this, but every niggah knows a niggah who knows a niggah that den did some niggah shit. (i think I just broke my record of saying niggah the most time in one comprehensive sentence...WHOOOHOOO © Homer Simpson)

Anyway, I was gonna give the third verse to ace...but I just came up with an idea to like spit the whole thrid verse as if I was n the shoes of a different kinda black man. One who speaks proper, doesn't say niggah(out loud at least), nice job, got some health benefits. Got a wife not a baby mama...shit like that...and then at the end of the verse have "him" as "am I black enuff for ya?"...but who knows...maybe I just let ace come thru and kill that shit.
What yawl think? Let me kno...post a comment or sumthing...or hit me on the book(thats what most of yawl do anyway)
1/24/09 8:45am
So I have no idea why I'm up so early. But since I am, mines well watch some good ole saturday morning cartoons. This used to be my favorite pastime...

Just poured a bowl of cereal...we aint go no milk. OH SHIT THE NINJA TURTLES ON! What the fuck is this...they look all weird, and it was just a commercial. Aint nuffin on yet but sum bullshit, ima wait till nine, that's when they used to come on. Pepper ann, recess, x-men, spider-man, all that shit.

I sat a fucking krimpet on my bed before I went to sleep an now that shit aint there. I'm bout to go csi on this shit...I wanna know who stole my snack.

So far we got the cw for kids, they got on a cartoon with these 2 white guys living togeather and they all got pet dinosaurs...seems pretty gay if u ask me.
FOX don't even got no damn cartoons on...bullshit. And neither do seventeen(yeah I'm at my mom crib no cable) but this sum bullshit.

Cool abc kids. This where pepper ann n dem used to be. They got the emperors new groove, but the cartoon. I guess ima fuck wit this.

I jut woke up...that cartoon sucked...moms yelling up the stepps when I woke up COME EAT!... I new I smelled bacon. I love whe my nephew come stay over. Eggs, bacon, potatoes, grits, biscuts....dope shit.

Aite ima say this and I'm out. What the fuck happen to the power rangers! Like they den had like 1000different kinds. They running out of colors yo. This one niggah is the purple ranger and the other one is like the sky blue ranger. This sum bulshit. Fuck happen to kimberly, billy, zach, trinie and jason (yeah I know my rangers niggah!) and where the fuck r the big ass voltron lookin jawns. I'm good on all new cartoons and all new kids who watch this shit. When I have kids, saturday morning they watchin dvds of recess, x-men, pepper ann, doug, and the old power rangers...EVERY SATURDAY. I'm genuinely pissed the fuck off that I woke up early for these sub-par cartoons. I woulda even settled for yu-gi-oh.

P.s it aint even no black ranger. Not like the black color, but an african american ranger....its usually at lease one...this sum bulshit.


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