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Friday, January 23, 2009


So I posted on my facebook status: Somebody tell me a story.
and in 3.9seconds
, someone responded and started with a story. i warn u, this is the most random story u will ever encounter...you've been warned

One day a girl name Cooch Chong Bape was walking down the road

and she came across these 5 girls

they were all dressed alike

Cooch asked them if they wanted too go to a club called Chinks Onlaay, that it would be lots of gifts and great music

the 5 girls agreed

but b4 they went Cooch said I think it would be Kawii to change there names b4 they went

the 5 girls agreed

they picked names they always adored like Barbara Walters and Will Smith

but when Cooch changed her name too "You All" they thought it was the dumbest shit in the world

they laughed at cooch and pointed at cooch

but Cooch didnt care and they left for the club

as usual Chinks Onlaay was poppin as usual

and finally it was time too eat and get the gifts

the 5 girls were so shocked too see all the things that they had too ask "Is this for us???"

and the Club owner repyed with the smile its for "You all"

and the 5 girls sat thier and starved while "You All" ate and jammed all night


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