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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

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You know what I hate...infomercials. Not all of them(im tryn cop that rocket chef joint) but I'm watchin this one jawn where bul is selling alll these kitchen knifes n shit. He got this one jawn he said can cut a pinnapple n mid air...SO WHAT! Anyway, they get to the price and this is what makes me mad. Its like the set of these amazing ass knifes and some other extra shit...then they throw in a "if u call now we a throw in an extra set of knifes" for the low low price of one easy paymet of $39.99. Here's my beef... They go on to say "that's a $500 value for $39.99" my response is "says who!"

Let me explain. Who else n the world sales these damn knifes...answer: NOBODY! They only sell them on "Y.A.S.B.Stv"(your ass should be sleep tv). So who the hell said they were worth $500! It aint like they got em at Walmart for half a stack but this show is the only place u can get em for 39...U CAN'T GET THEM ANYWHERE ELSE PERIORD...IDK, shit just upsets me when people try to Geese me.

Geese(v.) - The act of trying to play somebody for a sucker and or a gullable person.

I should be sleep anyway...I'm bout to watch poker after dark (lol that sounds like a no`)

No`(n.)- An adult film. Derived from the term porno.

1/12/09 1:21 pm
I'm at the train station bout to be on my way up to the ville...I heard the wing wasn't poppin like it was last year but fuck it, time to graduate anyway.

Ace just called me...asked me who 'Osyrus' was...that nigga needs fuckin google or summn. Everytime he writes raps he calls me and asks me who sumone was or what something means, so when he say the shit he sound like he kno what he talking bout...the shits funny. That nigga ace aka a_boogie is prolly the nicest rapper n the city. His flow right now is crazy. Hard to explain, but expect to hear sum new shit from him soon.

I called skiddy and told him to meet me at the train station...of course I told him like ten mins eariler then I actually am gone bethere. I hate when people do that but I always do it.

I just seen this old couple arguing...like old head kinda chumped his wife...that shit corney to me...if u that old u mines well be happy...he to old to be treating women like that. I shoulda tripped him.

On the train on the way home...had an ipod...but forgot the headfones, so just been writing rhymes all day....blogging is mad theraputic(or however u spell it)...I think ima start doing this shit like more often...
Only thing is with the bloggs being so fucking long iont think people will read them. Might just chop them up and post em in like parts....who knows...ima sleep on it.... Mmmmhmmh sleeeeep © Homer Simpson.

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  1. lol. i like how u spelled "jawn" lol

    umm yea i infomercials suck asss!

    but i really want that clothe that picks up liguid instantly, like a whole gallon of milk and shit...



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