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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bucket List and ILL-CHILL announcement

1/14/09 7:19 pm

So me and my man Larry was sitting in the smc today(thats the student center at my college). And we was talking bout how we basically the oldest two niggahs on campus. Not by age, but like we both been up this bitch for six years. YES! I'VE BEEN IN COLLEGE FOR SIX YEARS. With the end of our college life on the horizon (we graduate n may) we decided to make a bucket list.

Bucket List (n.)- A list created compiled of things u'd like to do before u kick the bucket.

King The Bucket (v.)- Die.

So with our college life bout to end we started a list. All we got so far is
1. Streek thru the quad
2. Formally try to crack on a girl
3. Have sex in the smc (wild right?)

So we'll see how that goes. I also think I wanna add
4) take a stanley in every dorm

Take A Stanley (v.)- Take a shit.

The ILL-CHILL EP is coming soon(an EP is like a album but
with like six or seven songs, or only like 30mins with of
music, I think...look it up!).
That's a collabo effort
FroM me and my man illMEEL. He crazy with the beats,
similar to like a young j dilla, no bullshit. He sent me six
beats today, and everyone of them is hot, so ima go
off on them jawns. Six or seven tracks, package it up
and put it on the net. ILL-CHILL EP. Shits gone be dope.

So me and Larry (yeah I been with this niggah all day)just was drinkin a couple beers and was chilling wit one
of the few cool yungbuls up this school(thats kinda like
a shoutout)
and we got on the topic:
what do u think
ever happen to the chicks that niggahs used to tease
in middle school? Like the ugly jawns or the chicks
with braces? Like braces don't stay on forever so its
prolly a lot of straight teeth bad chicks out there.

Just a thought. Bout to watch these nuggahs play ball
and drink me a couple more beers. Ima get back @
yawl(assuming someone is actually reading this


I left my fone in the room so I don't know what time
it is (im currently taking a stanley). I think its like ten
a.m. Anyway, I'm looking for Jim Jones, Jadakiss and
Busta Rhymes to have the best albums of the first
quarter(from January Till April). I usually don't listen to
records that leak, bust i've been keeping up with
some of this Busta shit...CRAZY! And Jim Jones is just
one of my favorite niggahs, he go hard. But JADA!
Aint to many niggahs in the game nicer than kiss.
Album sales aside, he really one of the nicest. So we'll

Me and Hank made a list of our top 20 albums of 2008.
You can see his list on facebook if your his friend...or I
might post it on here. Mines is done, but I decided to
make mines into a video so look out for that prolly this

Aight time to get out this damn bathroom.

Just got out the shower...posting the blog... this niggah Tajh standing over my shoulder...and he sniffs me...says Yo u smell good as shit yo....sooooo very homo lol.

-Chill Moody

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  1. personally...if it takes 6 years its damn near mission impossible. i seen larry jump out of 3rd floor windows. heard about chill diving on his face (ugly as scabs my man). i streaked damn near every dorm on a 99 night (but clothes aint one. food fight with condiments NO ONE IS FASTER THEN CHILL IN FLIP FLOPS. tee set his self on fire shit i did toooo. took a pee pee in the pond still in high school at the time. took a shots in the smc out of the lil cups for ketchup. room got turned into a crime scene. I MEAN THERE IS NOTHING MORE TO SAY THEN THE VILLE IS GOING TO MISS OUR DUMB ASSES...oh yea Tajh kill that shit......


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