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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random Thoughts pt 1

Please pay attention to what I am about to say.
I wish I would wear sum damn UGG boots....that's gay yo © Riley Freeman. Iont care if its a male version or not...the shit is GAY. Put it like this...if victoria secrets came out with sum boxers, would u wear them? (that guestion was for the men reading). I just think the shit is homo. The boots look like polo boots, so just get the fucking polo ones....I'm onli sounding off on these jawns cuz my nephew talking bout getting some....that shit aint cool....AT ALL!

Anyway, I got a performance coming up on the 22th of feb(i think that's the date)...shit should be dope. More info to come on that.

I'm making my dream album (in my head). Its called "Chill n' Dem" and everytrack is me featuring someone i've always wanted to work with or I think would make a great record with. So far the list goes

1. A track wth Ghostface (thats prolly my second favorite rapper)
2. A track produced by Jazzy Jeff featuring rhymefest and mickey factz
3. A joint with trey songz and diddy (my single)
4. A track called E.S.T vs State P vs D-Block (me, d-rellz, a_boogie, twan d., oschino, freeway, chris, sig, jada, sheek, styles) (produced by Hank) its gone be a nine min track
5. A joint with Joe Budden that's so hot it turns into me and him doing a mixtape togeather.
6. A joint with me, musiq and gillie called philly love or sum shit
That's all I got so far....shit aint never gone
Happen......or maybe....I GOT AN IDEA!! Yeah the
album is gone take a while to create, but chill n dem is
dropping like this summer...THIS IDEA IS DOPE.

Anyway, I was writng some songs for this iIL-CHiLL EP....shits gone be uber dope. But its this track I wrote that's similar to like DMX jawn "what they want" where he name like all the chicks he delt wit...I kinda made up names, but not situations. Shits dope. Anyway at the end of the song I say summn along the lines of "I think its time for me to settle down". I Originally said it cuz it rhymed...but after I said it another beat had came on and it was kinda like a soft beat...summn that when u hear u think "this jawn for the ladies". So I start writing a song on some "I'm tryn settle down wit u girl" and its on some shit like iont know who this girl is I'm talking to...cuz I havent met her yet...but I'm like talking to her...kinda hard to explain, but watch when yawl hear it...its crazy.


I just heard that I was too flirttatious (i think that's how u spell it) ...shits crazy. I admit, I am very nice to most females I meet, and I do play around A LOT! But I think that I am way to selective to be flirtatious(or howwver u spell it). Not to many females even catch my eye, maybe on looks but me being who I am, it takes a lot more that than. But iont know' I'm guessing if I really wanna find a girl to call 'boo' and mean it, I mite have to tone it down on the friendly shit a lil bit. I've lived my whole life with a "never change" attitude....but its possible that some change might be good..then again. This is me typing after 6 gin and tonics....so who knows if this is sum bullshit or not...lol.

1/19/09 1:25am

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray the lord my soul to take. Amen.

P.s. What does 'pray the lord' mean? Is it really 'pray TO the lord' and I been saying the wrong prayer like all my life? Someone let me know.

P.p.s was that like ignorant? Or blasphmous....and did I spell blasphmous rite???

I hope I dream bout hip-hop...or money...

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