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Monday, February 2, 2009

Just some updates

2/2/09 5:31pm
Just set up my twitter account. Its basically a website that u can update ya status ala facebook...and comment on other peoples shit. I only got one cuz all the other celebrities got them... Check it out on www.twitter.com/chillmoody

JB has sent me three bangers n a row. The Am I black enuff joint...the shit called far away(very dope beat) and this mystery joint I can't tell yawl about yet...but its mad creative.

I got the itch, I need to get back into the booth like asap. I've written over 35 songs since the last time I got in the booth, no bullshit. And I had shit I needed to record already...I'm honestly sitting on like 50+ tracks right now. Its gone be a MILD SPRING NIGGAHS! LOL.

50 is destroying rick ross right now...and I'm loving every min. Of this shit I swear. If you don't think he's a genius ur dumb.

If u get a chance go to youtube and type in FAT ALBERT IN THE HOOD...shits funny.

Just a thought, but did we forget that it was black history month??? Like I aint seen no facebook status' about the shit, no like themes on the google sites or nuffin. Kinda weird. For the past like two years(maybe three) i've had this photo album on facebook that i'd update every year with more important black people(past and present)...shits dope, if ur friends with me on facebook you should check it out. I'm gone try to find a way to post it on the blog doe.

http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2007219&l=3b145&id=35903324 (thats the link to the foto album)
Big shouts to Lauren F. For that text she sent me the other nite. Glad people are really reading the blog and hope that yawl telling people to check it out.

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