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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What Happen To The Thorough Chicks???

2/3/09 12:12am
Sittin on facebook, watching notorious...on bootleg of course. I've already stated how I feel about this movie n a previous blog....still gone watch this bullshit doe.

Anyway Hank bought up a good point today...and my man Dom Bass kinda elaborated/took it to another level. Lets start with what hank said..."Its sad, that one day our kids will have to visit museums to see what a real lady looks like" © Andre 3000. That's some real shit man. Like I fucked wit it when 3stacks said it but hank bought it back to my attention. Like a lot of the chicks I meet aint really thorough like that. "People try to live a fa├žade" © b.g and portray summn they aint. Iont kno who's to blame. But I miss the bad jawns. Like the ones who was real to themselves and kept it funky wit u all the times. The ones who wasn't completely wrapped up in material things, but looked good in EVERYTHING. The jawns that was so dope u would roll over and kiss em in the morning, morning breath n all. They don't make em like they used to. I still keep a couple close doe (mostly as friends).

Anyway Dom Bass came to me wit summn new. Talking that: "just wanna know what happened to tha regular girls". They looking like endangered species out this jawn. Like it just seems like mad chicks tryng be sooo many things they not. They tryn fit the profile of: the classy chick, the gangsta chick, the rich jawn, the DIME jawn, THE BADDEST BITCH (I hATE THEm ones)....but what happen to the regular thorough chicks. The ones who kept it all the way real, and true to themselves...maybe I'm just talking...but it might be worth listening.

CAM'RON is back!!! Not even playing...CAM'RON is back!!!...and I can't front...I LIKE THE SONG...a lot. Like I wasn't a CAM'rON hater, not even close to it. Purple haze and come home with me was the shit. Even back as far as s.d.e I was fuckin wit cam. I fell off wit him around the ime dips really started buzzng mainly cuz I was heavy on Common, Black Thought and Kweli shit. Then he started beefing wit CURTIS (50 cent for those of u who are lame and don't follow rap). That beef was funny, cam was being funny...but you can't beat fif. I repeat...YOU CAN'T BEAT FIF! So cam fell off...but he's back. And I like the song. Go listen to it...its called "I hate my job". It aint no dum Dr. Suese type cam'RON rap, its good song with a good concept.

Dennys is giving away free food today...I wonder if anybody told the homeless. Like I'm sure they don't know because they don't have tv so they didn't see the commercial. Just a thought.

Bout to watch HEROES...missed I last nite. The shows I watch go like this: LOST, HEROES, THE OFFICE, SCRUBS.... That's it. Those are thebest shows....watch them!

Yo Rachael Ray is the baddest chick on daytime tv yo. I love her like with a passion. She got the lil raspy voice (i dig that big time). She cute....and she can cook her ass off. Yo I swear if I ever meet her I'm going right at her. I'd wife. I kno my real niggahs agree with me...me and Hank had this convo before.


  1. I wouldn't say thorough chick...lets call them Real Woman. It takes a real man to find a real woman. In this day and age we as woman know how to play the same game as men. If you come real and correct a real woman will come real and correct with you. But going into something if they know you got a full roster and substitutions they just taking it for what it is and isn't going to take you seriously.

    Those are just real words from a real woman also known as your sister!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I can definitely feel where Andre was coming from with the quote... but I have to slightly disagree. It may seem in our society that real PEOPLE in general are few and far between. That is probably because real people tend to congregate around other real people. Real women will always and have always been around. We were the queens of the Nile and still exists whether we are seen and or appreciated (can you get with reincarnation?) Follow me now...... People who aren't real cannot comfortably hang with those who are. Oil and water effect.


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