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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Me And Larry Grad Update...and sum other shit

2/3/09 10:53
I love girl scout cookies yo. Like I am summn like a cookie monster as it is, but girl scout jawns is my favorite. Shortbread joints is the shit.

Yeah so my fone died. And the charger broke...so basically my life is in shambles. I'm on campus and nobody has the same charger nor an extra atnt fone...niggahs drawling. This shit is really drawling because I need to find out when I can get back to philly. This shit in the way.

I finished writing this new song today...banger, no bullshit. Creativity at its finest. Yawl gone love this one. JB finished the beat today, made the shit like the perfect way. Shits uber dope.

Got a performance coming up on the 21st of february. I plan on getting dub, drellz and a_boogie to come thru and bless that jawn wit me. If things go that way we should tear that shit down. But dub has bullshitted me like three shows in the past, I can never get in touch with rell, and me and boogie aint got a lot of new material togeather...so we'll see.

2/4/09 3:07am

Still aint fix this fone problem. Yo I loved the dark skinned Aunt Viv yo. Like the show got better with light skin Aunt Viv just cuz she was there for like the good seasons. With the new kitchen and when Will and Carlton went to college. But darkskin Aunt Viv was the shit, she aint let Will get away wit no bullshit, she just seemed stronger.

You know what I just thought, if u aint never watched the fresh prince, you have no idea what that last paragraph was talking about.

Any hoot (i think ima start saying that shit). To all my friends reading this, I ask yawl a favor. TELL EVERYONE U KNOW TO CHECK MY BLOG OUT. Like a lot of the shit be funny, and the rest of the shit is informative or just flat out dopeness...no reason I shouldn't have some type of following. Not on no cocky shit, but I'm kinda tired of people telling me how much they dig the blog and how funny and cool it is, but they not telling people bout it. Shit builds by word of mouth. So tell a friend to tell a friend then tell em again © Me.


My man 100grand Larry hit me off wit a new fone n shit. I don't kno why I aint ask him in the first place cuz I knew he had an extra phone. But yeah got me a new jawn, just missing sum important numbers cuz I saved a couple numbers to my phone and not he sim cards. But o well. Ima be n philly soon with a new charger.

Me and Larry went to grad fest today n shit. Filled out for cap n gowns, class rings, all that good shit. It's ...about.... to go... down © Jigga. We finally gone get outta the fuckin ville. We have a weeks worth of parties...make that two weeks. Two weeks of like events. Bowling, skating, drinking, spades tourneys, drinking, a mini party(house joint), maybe a dinner wit our closest peoples, we a probably drink a lil bit too. Shits gone be dope.

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