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Friday, February 6, 2009

Sitcoms and Dom Bass

2/6/09 4:17pm

Yo, Fancy and Jamie wedding was the shit yo. Like I'm watchin this shit now, niggahs singin n shit, Fancy was looking fine as hell n that dress. Yo I'm tryin get married. iont have no chick in particular in mind, but I want sum shit like this.

My homie britt clown me ALLLLL the time because I get too wrapped up in sitcoms. Like I talk like I actually know the people. Like I aint say "Jamie wedding on the Jamie foxx show" I just say "Fancy and Jamie" like I went n shit. Fuck it doe, I love my shows.

This niggah singin to her n shit. What if I rapped at my wedding...lame right? Ima write my vows as a thurl ass poem doe...yo is it homo that I'm planning wedding stuff.

FUCK BI*CHES GET MONEY!!!(i just had to add sum gangsta shit to this sentimental ass blog)


Yo Theo was the shit. Like he got all the chicks. Even doe he had that nut ass rat tail he still was a mack. I wish he woulda had a lil brother on the show. That woulda been dope.

SPEAKING OF BROTHERS I found out that my brother is the one who stole my krimpet that night(if u don't kno what I'm talking bout check the previous blogs.) that niggahs a snake for that. I got summn for him doe. Can't put it on the blog cuz I think he reads this shit...or at least I told him too.


Big shouts to Dom Bass on that code blue!!! Yo real shit son, I was cryin over the fone. That shit was one for the books my nigga! (i was typing directly to Dom right there because I kno he reads this shit). Frum now on just text me and say CODE BLUE. And I shall do the same.


I'm cutting this jawn short. I'm waiting for D-Rellz to call me so I can see when I can get n the booth. I'm sure the rest of these followin blogs will be mostly music based, hopfully I can let yawl hear some of my new shit. I'm hype.


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