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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chill Watches The Grammys

2/8/09 3:52pm

I want sum chicken.

Aint got No chicken...we got steak doe...and sum eggs...O SHIT AND WE GOT CHEESE NIGGAH(i wasn't expecting any cheese) this meal bout to be the shit.
Its cold as shit n this house. I'm frying a steak wita damn hoodie on. This shit drawlin

Yo on sum real shit, I'M NICE IN THE KITCHEN. Like sum chick gon be lucky one day lol no bullshit doe. That steak n eggs was gud as shit. IHOP GET AT ME!


Just made me sum tea(no homo) and I turn on the grammys...first person I see WHITNEY MOTHERFUCKIN HOUSTON. Now on first site I say "yes, finally whitney is looking good...bout time..." then she talks...and continues to talk...and she continues to get more and more crackish. I love whitney, I really do, but I think she should just quit with public apperences. She sounds like tina turner mixed with keisha cole mom n shit. Anyway I'm guessing this is going to be a Grammy blog.

Is it safe to say black people once again run music. Like we kno that black music (hip hop and RnB and oldies) is the best shit....but its documented that there was a time when the best rap album wasn't even broadcast...and now we are in a time when the rap album of the year winner is prolly going to perform at the event(weezy prolly gone win and I know he performing). I really think we as black people need to recognize our progression NOT JUST CUZ OF BARACK but in addition to Barack. But don't boast about it...lets just take the shit and be humble bout it.

Justin Timblerlake dope as shit on the singin tip, and he be doin that shit like effortlessly. I fux wit bul.


I WAS JUST ABOUT TO SAY THEY(coldplay) SHOULD BRING HOV UP!!! Yo I dare anybody to say he aint the best rapper ever. That man just came up, outta nowhere, spit a mean ass sixteen...........man I aint even gone start. Just from now on if u don't think hov is the greatest rapper of all times don't speak to me...

Yo when me and Hank get our grammy, I swear I aint writing no speech...I'm going up there and I promise ima talk until they pull me off stage. My first grammy a prolly be album of the year. I say that because I won't win best new artist cuz that usually go to like somone who won idol, or a rock band or an unknown. Plus ima still be upping my celebrity status. By the time my second/third album drops, my audience is gone be sooooo wide spread I can easily win at the least best rap album of the year. By then I will have won like 9 bet awards and Mtv moonmen n shit. The funny thing is...I'M DEAD SERIOUS

Not having an ipod has mad me miss out on a lot of music. Like witout an ipod it wasn't no use in buying (downloading) any albums. Soons I get a new ipod Im buying (downloading) jennifer hudsons album. Like I always fucked wit her, one some since idol shit. He voice is dumb strong. And she always look right. Like she never got on no bullshit. And she just strikes me as mad humble. That humbleness is a star is what really makes me want to be somones fan yo real shit.

THE JONAS BROTHER WERE MADE N A LAB and I'm sticking to it. Like where the fuck did these talented lil motherfuckers come from? The just pop up, all heart-throbe-ish, getting all the ladies. And now they like the biggest thing in music. There three lil motherfuckers are like perfect (no homo). I will be buying (downloading) their album as well.

I don't think KANYE is gay...he just doesn't look like he likes girls right now. that niggah drawlin. what happen to the bookbag and the grapic tee KANYE!?!? That mike jackson shit drawlin

Yo smokey robinson is my uncle. Like not in real life, but he is the shit. I wanna meet that niggah one day.
Waiting to see who wins these rap grammys...prolly weezy. He did smash the billboard charts this year. I personally don't like the album. Didn't like any of the singles(unless u count amilli, dat was the shit). I'm pretty sure he will win rap album of the year, if not album of the year.

Aite, wayne took home best rap album...album of the year went to...two people whom i've never seen n my life. They didn't even look like they wanted to win. What a way to end the show...with sum lames...and the crowd goes booooooooooo!

Wait STEVIE!! Great way to end the show. Everybody loves stevie...he got bangers yo.

So there it is...chill watches the grammys...if u think it was boring, that's cuz the show as boring...but if u think it was dope, that's cuz I'm dope. holl@me.


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