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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pointless Days...and sunocoTV (FOH!)

2/9/09 3:49pm

Today might have been the most pointless day of my life I start the day being woke up by my dad at fuckin 7:45AM!!! Now anyone who knows me, like really knows me not knows of me, knows iont go to sleep....like ever. I stay up till like 5 or 6am just writing rhymes and sittin around listenin to music or watchin the whole series of like xmen the cartoon on youtube, shit like that. Last nite was no different. I think i went to bed at like 5:40am...

Now usually I will wake up at 9:15(just because I got a lil bet wit my man sydney dean aka lambo syntax that I have to wake up earlier than I have n the past, main reason because of barack.) Anyhoot(told yawl I was gone use that) he wakes me up to drive the car to get his truck and go to the shop because his rim bent and poke his tire and he has to DO A LOT OF SHIT IONT FEEL LIKE DOING AT SEVEN IN THE DAMN MORNING. And this wasn't like a warning wakeup, he was ready to go now. I was out driving by 8am.

Then I get back home, take a shower and go downtown to try to grab me a lil job. He hit me with the "the word of the day is job. J-o-b" © craig pop.

Now I already have a job, but it doesn't start till like the end of this month, so I was like fuck it.

So I go down chesnut street figure I hit up a lil clothes store or a sneaker jawn, summn light. I call my man lambo syntax aka sydney dean cuz I kno he all about being in the city and sure enough he was five mins away. So he met me and we walked around all day looking for a job for me. This was the good part of my day because sydney dean aka labom syntax is funny as shit! He got a show coming up, next week I think, at the laughhouse...shits gone be dop (ticket info and shit like that a come when the event gets closer)

Anyway fast forward, I just got off the EL and am currently at 30th street on the way to class at the ville...then I'm gone get back on the train and come right back to philly...ALL I WANNA DO IS GO TO THE DAMN STUDIO. Meel sent me more beats last nite. Hank said his computer fixed and he mite decide to send me sum new shit. We sposed to finish the petition so we a see how things go. JB sent me this jawn call "far away" that I gotta touch. I got a lot of songs written right now...I just need to lay summn down Asap.

I think I'm having a party for my birthday. Not really MY party, but I mite go to the club around my birthday(march 4th) to celebrate or summn. The weekend of my birthday I'm going on a ski trip to see THE WHISPERS!!! Yeah I'm hype. So maybe the weekend before or the weekend after...or the weekend before AND the weeend after.


I fuckin hate this class. Waste of fucking time, I coulda stayed in philly. Its an human sexuality class...and sex as never been soooooo boring swear. I did get a lot achieved...read a lot of my book on the train...and wrote like 5verses in the first hour n a half of class. I really want to meet like an established rapper and see how fast those niggahs write. I really think I'm at the top of the list when it comes to how fast I write, and the shit be hot.

2/10/09 9:01am (the next day)

A new day and guess what, I'm up early again. Woke up at 8summn...and once again I aint go to bed til 5...maybe one day i'll learn. I wonder if aunt joy home today, I need a hair cut.

YES my AUNT cuts my hair and I bet she is like twelve

time sharper than your barber...I put bread on it.

Ima say this and I'm out...its a recession...don't nobody wanna watch not motherfucking television at the gas station. Aint a damn thing entertaining about pumpin no gas. Niggahs already mad as hell that they gotta pay that much for the fuckin gas, so u prolly only puttin ten bucks into the shit, so that means u sitting outside waiting, so that means u cold...all hat adds up to I aint tryn watch no fuckin sunocoTV

My next blog ima put my thoughts out on the cbrezzy situation. GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT HUH?© Shawn Carter


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